Thursday, June 26, 2008

Superwoman Entrepreneur

When you are an entrepreneur, you just can't do it all. Some try to, but in the end, stress gets the best of us and something breaks along the way. A relationship falls apart, a child has problems at school or a business falls short of its goals.

Here's a nifty little piece (from the UK) that applies to all of us. It boils down to this:

"Try not to do too much!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unsung Visionaries

Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for a New Kind of Heroine

From Booklist:
This is not just about travel, although it's as adventurous as can be. More than that, it's Morris' account of leaving her deskbound publishing job and joining her broadcaster mother to form Adventure Divas to track down "unsung visionaries," women who changed the world in Cuba, India, New, Zealand, and Iran, for what became an award-winning PBS series.

(Between diva searches, to replenish company coffers, Morris takes jobs hunting headhunters in Borneo, climbing the Matterhorn, and crossing the Sahara.)

Morris' interviews--with, among others, Black Panther exile Assata Shakur in Cuba; top cop Kiran Bedi in India; author Keri Hulme, who wrote Morris' beloved The Bone People, in New Zealand; and blind folksinger Pari Zanganeh, who wears a hat instead of a veil, in Iran--are thoughtful and probing, revealing the differences between their lives and those of American women.

Her text adds context--and humor--to the project, warts and all (blank film in India, hotel fire in New Zealand). A good bet for feminists (or entrepreneurs adds Laurel!), fans of the PBS shows, adventure travelers, and anyone who wants a good read.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Look Out Victoria's Secret

Three years ago, a new mother living in Indianapolis named Jane Ivanov seemed like an unlikely candidate to launch an international, Web-based retail business.

However, with her maternity lingerie company Eve Alexander nearing $1 million in annual sales, Ivanov is the model example of a small-time business owner utilizing the Internet to produce big-time results.

Ivanov was honored this week for her success in Chicago by as one of the Web company's American region e-business champions.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Escapes Take Many Shapes and Forms

The folks at Swans Island Blankets were lawyers and finally decided to pursue their life passion: Establishing a small weaving operation off the coast in Maine using local wool.

They finally realized their dream of living close to the land.

Does that sound like what's on your mind? Do it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Escape from Corporate Bosnia

An amazing article on how Bosnian businesswomen are rebuilding a nation. Why just look at this quote:
The women running businesses in Bosnia are focusing on the future. According to Mirsada (pictured), “I am planning to increase my production by another 100 percent and hire another 120 to 130 workers. Very few things in life can deter me once I’ve set a goal for myself.
Women everywhere are making great strides in entrepreneurship. Be proud.

Note: The World Bank's Group's annual survey of business environments ranks Bosnia 105th out of 178 countries on the ease of doing business. A tough place to set up shop.

Monday, June 09, 2008

American Sporting Heroes

It's hot, hot, hot in Chicago -- finally! Caught this ad in the New York Times and reacted with, "How cool is this for Escape From Corporate America?" If you're reading this, you're a record-holder by running a business. So how about escaping a bit today, buying a new swimsuit and taking a nice, cool swim? You'll want to when you see these.

The limited edition Team Speedo USA Collection. Inspired by American sport heroes to inspire your style.

[Pictured: Natalie Coughlin, World Record Holder, Stars and Stripes 2-piece, U.S. $78, USA Short, $24.]

Monday, June 02, 2008

Objects of Desire

AYAYO shoes and bags are objects of desire aimed towards women appreciative of high end luxury and keen to add precious pieces to enhance their look. Clean and streamlined shapes together with unexpected details and textures very much make the pieces personal.

By using extraordinary handcrafted shapes and unexpected material combinations such as exotic skins and man made coated fabrics & patterns, AYAYO has shaped a feminine style that captures the moment and looks away from the mainstream.

The designer Jenny Ocholla AYAYO finds inspiration in everything from her Scandinavian and African cultural heritage to Elsa Schiaparelli to vintage clothes and independent women of all times and places.

A woman entrepreneur in the making. Find out more about Ms. Ayayo's artistry here.