Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why Did You Start Your Business?

According to a new survey by PayPal, 55 percent of American women entrepreneurs said they started or want to start their own business to achieve work-life balance.

Do you agree?

I never started my business to have work-life balance.  I started it to have control over my destiny and to fully express myself.

Why did you start your business?

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

If I Could Just Think of That One Idea!

Lori Greiner, star of "Shark Tank" and the Queen of QVC, guests on the popular daytime program, "The Queen Latifah Show" to discuss her new bestselling book, "Invent It, Sell It, Bank It" (Random House).

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Message to Satya Nadella: When You Are Clueless About Something, I Suggest You "Shut Up"

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft
Oh Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said something very stupid this past week about women.  All the more reason to get out of corporate America to start your own business.  But he's not the only one to make a similar gaffe in the last week.

In case you didn't catch it, Nadella advised women against asking for pay bumps.  Yes, he expects women in corporate America to be good little girls and to have "faith in the system."  If you do those things, "good karma" will be created and everyone will live happily ever after. The end result?  Women will not make more money or advance but hey, you and Nadella will get along just fine.  You have to be asking yourself ... what is he smoking?

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Photo Credit: VIDEO The Washington Post

Saturday, October 04, 2014

I Enjoy Being a Girl (Entrepreneur)

Remember the show tune "I Enjoy Being a Girl," from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Flower Drum Song?  I am taking it to a new dimension with "I Enjoy Being a Girl Entrepreneur!"  Why?  Let me count the ways - #1 is I love what I do! - but Carolyn Gregoire sums it up quite nicely with her reasons in The Advantage of Being a Female Entrepreneur.

According to recent data published by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, entrepreneurs in the U.S., both men and women alike, feel a greater sense of purpose than the average worker, which contributes to greater fulfillment from their work and lives.
Separately, the study found that female entrepreneurs are also more likely to report greater physical well-being than male entrepreneurs and male and female non-entrepreneurial workers, the study found.
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Screenshot credit:  Flower Drum Song