Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Tale of the Unromantic Business Plan

Once upon a time, there was an unromantic business plan that included 12 pages of cash flow analysis.  Twelve months later, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Forty Winks, a lingerie boutique (as shown above) was born.
Forty Winks carries a range of sizes and styles, starting at 30A specialty bras and ending at an H cup size. “Sizes can go as high as M, but that’s not our customer,’’ said co-owner Rachel Wentworth.
Find out how Rachel and her business partner (co-owner) Meredith Donaldson create stories to sell their intimate wear and also offer a wide range of sizes and shapes - not to mention the heavy duty therapy that is required to satisfy the demands of their selective customers.

A serious plan to make a go of lingerie sales

Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Extend a Brand to Become the Coolest Small Company in America

Today we turn you on to Zingerman's.  What brought me here in the first place?  Zzang Handmade Candy Bars (pictured above and the real deal on ingredients:  dark chocolate, milk chocolate, corn syrup, organic muscovado brown sugar, milk, heavy cream, real butter, malted milk powder, real vanilla, salt, baking soda) -- as featured in Oprah Magazine September 2011.

But to Zingerman's Community of Businesses (ZCoB), it is a family of small food-related companies and entrepreneurial ventures.  Each is located in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. area. They are operated by one or more partners who share ownership and manage the business.  Here is a list of the community ventures.
And yes, a few of the above are run by women.  Explore.  I am sure there is something of interest (indulgence) for everyone.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Actively Seek the Accidental Discovery

Actively seek the accidental discovery.  That's what creativity, start-ups and new business ideas are about.

Read:  Think Like a Genius

My favorite part:

Too many fail to answer opportunity's knock at the door because they have to finish some preconceived plan. Creative geniuses do not wait for the gifts of chance; instead, they actively seek the accidental discovery.
I like to think that business owners prepare themselves for chance too!  Agree?

Photo credit:  Marie Curie

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tutus Turn Profits for Little Dreamer

Jessica Beamgard (center) has BIG dreams for her six-month old Northville, Michigan-based Little Dreams. She makes custom-ordered women's and children's clothing and accessories.
Little Dreams was named by the older daughter of Jessica and husband Douglas, who grew up in Northville. Jessica sews tutus, ruffled pettiskirts, ruffled leg warmers, bloomers, onesies and hair accessories.
Learn more here.

Find Little Dreams on Facebook (Little-DreamsMichigan)