Saturday, February 22, 2020

Women Entrepreneurs Are Making a Positive Impact on our Business Ecosystem

As we celebrate Women’s History Month this March, let's also celebrate and salute all the women entrepreneurs for their hard work, smarts and perseverance to get things done.  Business success doesn't come easy yet it's the women entrepreneurs who are determined to accelerate their own growth.
According to The 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report commissioned by American Express, “Between 2014 and 2019, the number of women-owned businesses climbed 21% to a total of nearly 13 million (12,943,400). Employment grew by 8% to 9.4 million. Revenue rose 21% to $1.9 trillion.”
It is evident the positive impact women entrepreneurs are making on our business ecosystem.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Women Entrepreneurs Rocking Their Respective Fields

Here are five women entrepreneurs – Carrie Green, Ali Handal (pictured), Kim Coles, Sue Bryce and Marai Smith – who are rocking their respective fields. Take a look at what they do to stay inspired, and then check out the video because that's where some really great quotes come through.

Makes you take a step back and think about the life you want to live.

Saturday, February 08, 2020

How Women Use Social Media to Grow Their Businesses

Social media is a key tool for many female entrepreneurs who are using it as a branding tool. By posting consistently and sharing everything from product photos to testimonials, female entrepreneurs know how to build trust and customer loyalty using social networking sites, often bypassing the need for expensive marketing campaigns.

Women entrepreneurs also know that social media can serve many other purposes simultaneously – marketing, branding and even customer service.

Here are just some of the ways you can use popular networking platforms to build your customer base and pilot your business to success.

Read more about how to use social media to grow your business.

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Who Knew? USPTO's Office of Innovation Outreach

Two things I didn't know about the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO):
  1. USPTO is focusing on women entrepreneurs!
  2. USPTO has an Office of Innovation Outreach!
Well what do you know about that?

And on March 3rd, you can attend the free Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium held in Alexandria, Virginia, at USPTO's headquarters, and learn about the resources and services available to assist and support women inventors and entrepreneurs.

Registration is required for in-person attendance.

Learn more about the free women's entrepreneurship symposium.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Free is Good, Especially If It Helps You Grow Your Business

Free online entrepreneur workshops, seminars and business trainings are an indispensable tool for any business owner.

Whether it’s admin, marketing, branding, product development, e-commerce, going global, or something else, developing your skills is essential to improving your business.

Here's a collection of some of the best free online learning courses and resources to give you the business skills you need to succeed this year.

And even though this resource is not referenced in the article, don't forget to check out:  Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global® – to cover the going global aspect of your business (+ free wegginars)!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Email As a Productivity Tool

Email is simple.  Right?  It’s unified. It’s an open channel of communication that is used worldwide to maintain an open dialogue both inside and out of the workplace.

Learn how you can reinvent your email as a productivity tool. Start by getting back to basics and consolidating every type of correspondence – a way to increase your effectiveness overall.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Are You a Badass Female Entrepreneur?

In the article, "The Badass 50 2020:  Meet the Women Who are Changing the World," they define a badass woman as someone who has proved she's not to be messed with.
... celebrating some of the greatest changemakers of our time, from all over the world. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi offers her thoughts on what it takes to be a badass, the Today Show’s first female co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb get candid about the future for female journalists, editor and author Scarlett Curtis opens up about her mental health struggles, plus more inspiring stories from women who show up, speak up, and get things done.
Most of the women featured in the above article are celebrities and got me thinking, I am definitely a badass entrepreneur. Are you?