Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Turn Your Business Into a Reality Show

As a startup, how do you get noticed when you are just a small fish in a big pond?  Two young women have a most unique marketing strategy for getting gobs of attention.  They have teamed up to create a reality TV show about their business.
Now the pair are trying to raise money to turn it into a series on crowd-funding broadcast site Mobcaster. The pilot, Startup: NYC, chronicles a day in the life of PA for a Day owner Charell Star and Morgan Gantt, owner of the online wig-sales site, Swigchd.
Think it will work?  Learn more here and start to track it.  Is this an idea that will work for you and your business?

Photo credit: Swigchd Facebook page.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grassroots Marketing Works: Pinterest Proves It

Laurel Delaney on Pinterest (www.Pinterest.com/LaurelDelaney)
Pinterest, a virtual pinboard, lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  But did you know this?
The way Pinterest grew had little to do with Silicon Valley wisdom. It was about marketingmostly grassroots marketing — not better algorithms.
Find out what they did here.

And remember, there are many ways to success with your business.  Leave no stone unturned.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

No Entrepreneurs Are Born Successful

According to Patrick Daniel, "Finding Your Road to Success," he outlines six rationales on why some entrepreneurs undermine their own success. Are you guilty of any of these?
  1. Success will lead to loneliness.  Some entrepreneurs believe that success will mean working long hours, neglecting their spouse and children, which in turn could result in divorce. Women, in particular, sometimes believe that success will make them unlovable and intimidating to men.
  2. Success will lead to envy. Many people want what others have, and the more success a person achieves, the more envious are that person’s friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
  3. I’m not good enough for success. This belief can result from many things, such as having negative parents and not having a college degree.
  4. Success will change my lifestyle. Some entrepreneurs fear that the changes that come with success will actually make life less enjoyable.
  5. Success is too expensive. There is a cost to everything, and success is not an exception.
  6. I won’t be able to control everything that happens. If you fear all the things you can’t control, you should never step into the entrepreneur lifestyle.
Read the entire article here.  Related article:  Fear of Success

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Oh Let's Move On: Start a Business!

How many times are we going to write about this and never get a solution?

14 percent: Why are women under represented in the C-suites of corporate America?

Four decades after the feminist revolution, why are there so few women at the top of big companies across America ...

And yet, this is why we started this blog:
More women have started their own businesses. Data this year from U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners shows that, over the past 15 years, the number of women-owned companies nationwide has grown 54 percent compared with 37 percent growth in the number of businesses overall.
Read the entire article:

14 Percent:  Why Are Women Under Represented in the C-Suites of Corporate America?

Illustration credit:  Catalyst