Saturday, May 18, 2024

It's Never Too Late to Pursue Entrepreneurial Dreams

Notably, women over 40 – mid-career women – are starting businesses twice as fast as men. Using their corporate experience and networking abilities, they identify untapped opportunities.

Unwilling to be confined by the corporate ladder, they flourish in the retail, healthcare, and professional services sectors. They constantly push boundaries and prove convincingly that female entrepreneurs can also excel in traditionally male-dominated industries.  

Most importantly, they showcase that it’s never too late to pursue entrepreneurial dreams.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Happy Mother's Day to All Mompreneurs

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Happy Mother's Day to all, especially mompreneurs!  Mothers are living metaphors of love who believe in only giving and not expecting anything in return. So, this Mother’s Day, let us honor their contribution and provide them with a chance to bask in the glory of their achievements as a mother and a businesswoman.

Etsy Mother’s Day 2024 is a good day to take inspiration from mom entrepreneurs who have been juggling motherhood and running a business.  Consider “the women” (in all forms) out there to excel even in the business sphere, like; being more creative, selling online, building a brand, and being famous worldwide.

Note:  80% of female entrepreneurs sell on Etsy, out of which many are mothers.  

Here's a list of some of the most wonderful women entrepreneurs on Etsy and their stories of how they made it into the world of eCommerce.

Saturday, May 04, 2024

Some Badass Woman-Owned Businesses in Louisville

When it comes to woman-owned businesses, Louisville is at the top of its game.  And what a great day to feature them – Kentucky Derby Day!

Women entrepreneurs are running everything from tour and event companies to hat shops, clothing boutiques, art galleries, and more!

While Kentucky is filled with far more woman-owned businesses than can be covered in this article, that's a great thing!

If your favorite spot isn't featured, share this list and shout them out. All of Louisville's woman-owned businesses deserve our love and support!