Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Your Own Boss and Have Flexibility Too

Laura Atkinson and Cathy Lopienski co-own one of only five Columbus pharmacies owned by women. In partnership with the National Community Pharmacist Association, Cardinal Health wants to try and interest more woman pharmacists like Atkinson and Lopienski into becoming owners, not just employees.
Lopienski said that owning her own pharmacy (Total Wellness Concepts) has other perks, too.

“I can be my own boss and have lots of flexibility now, too,” Lopienski said.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Skinny On Popcorn: Introducing Skinny Pop

Are you looking for a popcorn that’s low in calories, all natural, very tasty and all you have to do is enjoy every kernel?  Look no further.  President and CEO Pamela Netzky has created Skinny Pop Popcorn and she just happens to be located in my hometown:  Chicago!

What else am I missing about this product?  Try this:


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Women On the Frontlines of An Entrepreneurial Surge

Listen up entrepreneurial Oregonian women!
Oregon has a long history of women starting small businesses. But those enterprises have typically stayed small and revolved around retail—aka the “pink ghetto.” What’s new is women are forming “highly scalable businesses” and that a growing number are in the tech sectors, Linda Weston (executive director of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network) says. “It’s a dramatic change."
What the author Linda Baker of the article noted below claims is there seems to be a significant number of women serving on the frontlines of the city and state's entrepreneurial surge.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do You Have to Limit Your Entrepreneurial Ambitions to Be a Good Mom?

Wow, that's a bold, gutsy question. What do you think? According to Geri Stengel's, "Want to Grow the Economy? Change Four Attitudes About Women Entrepreneurs," (Forbes) she challenges us by posing that question and more. But the short answer:
The first order of cultural change, is to debunk the idea that to be a good mom, you have to limit your ambition. “If you want to have a family and run a business, you can — and a growing number of us do,” says Liz Etling, CEO and co-founder of Transperfect, the largest privately owned language services provider, with offices in 75 cities worldwide, and a good example of eluding the barriers to success. She started her business with a fellow student in a dorm room 19 years ago.
Key factors holding women back?
  1. Women self-limit their ambitions.
  2. Their assertiveness is perceived as ”bitchiness.”
  3. Men need to change.
  4. Women need to network.
Agree? Disagree? I welcome hearing from you and so would other readers of this blog. So please comment based on your opinion and/or first-hand experience.

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Stand Out In 2012

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