Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fake It Till You Make It

It's hard to believe that women the world over running successful businesses still struggle to be taken seriously.  One woman business owner who runs Australian-based Cupcake Central says "To a certain extent, I had to fake it till I make it."  She goes on to say, "You have to sell the dream."

Whether you fake it till you make it or have a hard time being taken seriously, never give up.

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Screenshot courtesy: Cupcake Central

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Leading Reasons Why Men and Women Go Bankrupt

What a sensitive topic.  Who likes to talk about insolvency whether personal or professional?  Best to sweep it under a carpet and move on.  Not so fast.  Men’s and women’s distinctively different roles in the economy reveals pronounced differences in the factors that cause them to go into bankruptcy.
The leading reasons for men to go bankrupt are job loss and business failure, while the most common causes for women are the breakdown of a relationship, living beyond their means and the loss of a partner’s income, according to a study by R3, a professional association for insolvency practitioners.
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Young Women Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Job Creation Charge

According to a new survey, EY Global Job Creation Survey 2016, released this week, women are creating more jobs and hiring more workers than their male peers.  The survey shows that job creation levels are even higher among younger women.

But what is even more exciting is that young women entrepreneurs, are leading the job creation charge.
Women younger than 35 expect to have an average 16 percent increase in their workforces this year, and 56 percent report they hired more new workers last year than expected. That's compared to 13 percent of young men who expect to grow their employee numbers this year, and 56 percent who hired more people than they anticipated last year.
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Saturday, June 04, 2016

How Women Entrepreneurs Fare on Business Ownership in Kansas City

How well are Kansas City women entrepreneurs actually doing in comparison to their male counterparts on business ownership? And how does Kansas City stack up against other cities and the national average?

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