Saturday, July 26, 2014

More On Entrepreneur Barbie (Doll)

Creative Entrepreneur Barbie?
We challenged Mattel about its Barbie becoming an entrepreneur back in 2009, and now it is a reality (2014).
[Gina] Rudan pointed out that Entrepreneur Barbie comes at a time when women -- particularly women of color -- are increasingly starting their own businesses due to barriers in the workplace. She said there’s an estimated 10 million small business owners in the United States who are women and a third of those business owners are Hispanic female business owners.
Entrepreneur Barbie:  Latina Author, Leadership Coach Gina Rudan Touts Mattel Doll's Latest Profession.

I still question why it took Mattel so long to do this.  If you want to catch a different perspective on the new Barbie, read:  Problem with Entrepreneur Barbie (From an Entrepreneur's Perspective).

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whether Pittsburgh or Shanghai, Women Business Owners Struggle Between Work and Family Life

Near Nanjing University (Shanghai)
Seven American women business owners traveled to the University of Nanjing (Shanghai) last month with the Greensburg chapter of the Women Presidents' Organization based at Seton Hill University (Pittsburgh).
Lee Ann Munger, director of [Seton Hill University's] e-Magnify's PowerLink program, said women from both countries struggle with the balance between work and family life as they advance in every field.

With flexibility, determination and passion, some are inspired to start their own businesses so they can raise a family and advance in their industry, Munger said.
Read the entire article:  Chinese female business owners not so different, Seton Hill group finds

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leave Confusion, Fear and Mediocrity Behind Once and For All: Become An Entrepreneur

Photo courtesy:  Maite at (5/14/14)
There's Escape From Corporate America blog (2004), Escape From Corporate, Escape from Cubicle Nation and now there's Corporate Escape by Maite Baron.

Here's what Maite's book claims:
Corporate Escape: The Rise of the New Entrepreneur is designed to help anyone leave the corporate world and embark on building their own business as a ‘New Entrepreneur’, it will benefit anyone in a process of change, by helping them develop the courage needed to leave confusion, fear and mediocrity behind once and for all. 
I have not read the book yet but wanted to bring it to your attention. Go here to buy the book.  And visit Maite's site established in 2012.

All I can say is we were No. 1 at starting with the concept of Escape From Corporate America (2003)!  We've created a whole new industry as a result!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Shoe Brand Named Miranda

Have you figured out what you are good at or sensed an unmet need? No worries.  Neither has multiplatinum country singer Miranda Lambert (pictured) who started a shoe brand named, of all things, Miranda, in tandem with her fifth album, Platinum. 
When Lambert was designing the line, her manufacturing partner told her that crystal-bedazzled boots - which are also platinum - might be too intense for the shoppers at DSW, a discount store that carries her collection. So she had a sample pair made in her size and has been wearing them onstage and in photographs for months. "I just decided we'd see what people start responding to," she said.
See what else is cooking for Miranda with her personal brand:

Dixie Shtick - Miranda Lambert creating her own empire

Related article where we talked about her entrepreneurial tendency in 2009, "Being Yourself is Back in Style."

Photo Credit: Creative Nickie