Saturday, January 14, 2017

How Can Women-Owned Firms Grow Their Enterprises?

The 2015 State of Women-Owned Business Report (AMEX Open, 2015) estimated that women started 1,200 new businesses every day during the past year, up from an average of 740 a day the year prior. Four out of 10 new firms are now started by women.

Putting the elephant on the table:  The real issue at hand is not getting more women to start a business, but rather providing support to women who are already in business to enable them to grow their enterprises to the next level.

The McKinsey Institute projects that if women business owners achieved the same level of success as their male counterparts, $3.2 trillion in revenues and employ 16 million people.

How can women-owned firms grow their enterprises?  Read more here.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Skip Wishes and Set Goals in 2017

Many female entrepreneurs still have not realized the power of setting effective business goals. Is that you? If it is, make a plan and it can be as simple as drawing something up on a napkin because it's impossible to really know if your daily activities are moving you in the right direction if you do not set business goals. Skip wishes and set goals in 2017.

Read more about the importance of goal setting and get a few tips here.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Go Get'm Gals: Start That Business!

Happy New Year Escape from Corporate America fans!  I wish you a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2017.  Now to business.  As Forbes points out:
... the past year [2016] has seen some staggering success stories, with women entrepreneurs raising record funding rounds, blowing past revenue goals, founding barrier-breaking businesses, and -- in many cases -- beating the men at their own game.
Check out the 10 highlights here.  Meanwhile, start that business! And if it is in coding, you are even more in luck.  Make it awesome.  Make it yours.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Raising High-Achieving, Independent Women

Whether you are raising a daughter, looking out for a niece or overseeing the well-being of a granddaughter or neighbor, this article on Ruth Bader Ginsburg (pictured) sharing her thoughts about how to raise a trail-blazing daughter will inspire you.

Want to Raise a Trail-Blazing Daughter?  'The Notorious RBG [Ruth Bader Ginsburg]' Says Do These 7 Things

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Mr. President: Make It Easy On Us to Grow

Elizabeth Gore (pictured), entrepreneur-in-residence at the Dell computer company, wrote a letter to both main USA presidential candidates prior to November 8th, which urged the next president to take steps that would make it easier for businesses owned by women to grow.

Read the letter, headlined, What We Need to Succeed, and take a look at the article.