Monday, August 23, 2004

Why Women Are Leaving Corporate America in Droves


Here's what author and president of Big Fish Marketing, Inc. Robin Fisher Roffer has to say:

• There’s a brain drain going on in corporate America. Women are leaving their jobs and going home to start their own businesses -- consulting practices and cottage industries -- so they can better balance career and family.

• Life trumps the job description. And women are choosing life.

• Corporate America needs to wake-up to the fact that it should be looking inside its female workforce, not at their job descriptions to figure out how to make allowances for a life that goes way beyond 9-5.
• I’m talking about finding ways to let your female workers live outside the box.

• Thanks to a worker’s market, the National Quit Rate is now at 14.7%, the highest in almost ten years.

• Validating your female employees by helping them to develop their own personal brand strategy is one way to ensure staying power.

• Being pigeonholed is just about the worst state of affairs, and that’s what happens when you shove people into a box that’s pre-fab and pre-determined.

• Am I talking about a revolution? In a way, yes. Because I’m asking employers to suggest that there is more behind "here’s your job -- like it or leave it." It simply costs too much money to continue to lose valuable women only to replace them with others who will ultimately leave.

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