Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Millionaire Women Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.

In Thomas J. Stanley's new book, "Millionaire Women Next Door"

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday and was given Stanley's latest book as a gift. I have not had a chance to read it yet, only scan the front/back covers and table of contents. It looks very interesting and I want to share the back cover's most poignant statement:

"Most Americans are not free. They are chained to their paychecks ... The women profiled herein will not tolerate such an existence. They are a different breed. They are free. They are cultivators of wealth and satisfied with life. They are in control of their own destiny."

Ring true with many of you?


Joe said...

Stanley is a super author and I suspect this work will not disappoint either. His work on "the Millionare Next Door" destroyed a lot of myths. I wonder if this won't do the same and prove quite helpful.

Thanks for the recommendaton, Laurel!!

Laurel Delaney said...

Thanks Joe -- my pleasure. I started reading it late last night -- 60 pages polished off -- and it is fabulous. It is a book I wish I would have written!

Laurel Delaney said...

Chuck -- without sounding egotistical, I really must say I have found myself (again) in this particular book.

I constantly wondered what people were looking for when they asked me, "If you were given $5 million dollars, what would you do differently?," and my response is always, "Nothing." That's what many of these millionaire folks have in common: simplicity, focus, goals, a sense of loving what they do, perseverance, dependability, a desire to just simply succeed and in the process, staying true only to themselves, being sensitive, conscientious and as Stanley so decisively puts, "cheap," and I have been called that too!

I could go on but I am enjoying this book so much and wish for all people to read it. There is so much more to take in and learn. I can't wait.

If you have time, please share your cognitive skills workshop methodology here for others to benefit too or in a separate email to me. I welcome more on your approach. Sounds interesting and valuable. Many thanks ...