Thursday, October 21, 2004

Stay-at-Home Moms Get Entrepreneurial!

In The Wall Street Journal (10/21/04) -- subscription only

WOW -- am I excited. Our (yes -- I founded that company too) board of advisor Tamara Monosoff, and former business consultant and Clinton White House staffer, is featured today on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Go out and grab a copy!

The article, "The Carriage Trade: Stay-at-Home Moms Get Entrepreneurial," talks about how many women who leave the work force to care for children, that motherhood is making invention a necessity. Tamara's claim to fame is the invention of a special latch to prevent the problem of toddlers (including her own) unraveling toilet paper all over the floor. Her business is projected to hit more than $1 million next year from the 'TP Saver' and her other products. She also just signed on for a book deal to write a guide for aspiring inventor moms while she runs her company and Web site to promote other mothers' products.

For more information on Tamara Monosoff and her company, visit:

• Board of Advisor Tamara Monosoff's bio on

• Tamara's company: Mom Inventors

To read the entire article, visit Startup Journal by The WSJ:
• Stay-at-Home Moms Get Entrepreneurial!

Congratulations Tamara! On behalf of all women, we are so proud of you!

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