Friday, February 04, 2005

Inspiration to Realization

In Palisadian-Post

When Christine Kloser heard over and over that women in her Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (NEW) networking organization wanted to become published authors, she thought that there must be an easier way for them to achieve this goal.

So she published a compilation of 41 of their essays on topics ranging from 'Roadmap to Retirement,' 'How to Be Your Own Best Matchmaker,' 'Overcoming Overwhelm' to 'How to Stay in Your Pajamas All Day ... And Still Run a Business' and 'Financial Alchemy.'

The result is "Inspiration to Realization," a self-published compilation of women's essays on personal, business, financial and spiritual fulfillment.

For her essay, 'Follow Your Heart: The Only Path to Fulfillment,' Kloser relates her own personal journey. 'I'm happily married, preparing to start my family in a matter of weeks, and started a business that helps a lot of people. I was willing to follow my own heart, say no, swim upstream and stay true to what felt right to me. I knew that was what I had to write about.'

Palisadian Kathryn Tull, a certified domestic violence counselor who has a master's degree in clinical psychology and a clinical practice, wrote about 'The Path to Personal Resiliency,' which talks about the resiliency she had to build as a survivor of domestic violence. 'It was an opportunity to be able to express my message about family violence -- what my children and I lived through, and what it took to be able to come out from that and rebuild my life,' says Tull, who is working on two books of her own.

Deborah Koppel Mitchell, who leads a women's circle, wrote 'Coming Full-Circle Into Your Ideal Life.' She describes a women's circle as 'When two or more come in the space of a circle to listen and be heard while being fully present. 'Being in circle can serve as an important reminder to each of us to tap into that 'Goddess' part of us, and not get lost or caught up in the hectic pace we have created in our lives,' she writes.

The writers (entrepreneurs) range from being in their 20s to their 70s. 'There's something for every woman in this book,' says Kloser, who is married to PaliHi JV baseball coach and author David. 'Women who pick it up find they're drawn to something that strikes them.'

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