Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Does She Need a Corner Office?

True, women are scarcely represented at the pinnacle of Corporate America. Now it can be told why that is.

The assisted departure of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) chief Carly Fiorina earlier this year reduces the number of S&P 500 female CEOs to eight. In other words, women have about the same representation on America's business A-team that red-headed, Capricorn, Latvian lefties enjoy on the rosters of big league baseball clubs. So, you may ask, why don't more women lead major companies?

Read CEO of online networking organization WorldWIT Liz Ryan's commentary presenting four great theories here.

P.S. As for yesterday's posting wondering how fast women are starting businesses ... is it every six seconds, six minutes or six hours? In an eight hour day, it's about one (1.2) every minute! Ms. Ryan makes note of this fact too in her commentary:

"In the U.S., women start some 400 new businesses a day. And why? Because a lot of them have foolishly walked away from corporate careers so they can build their own empires, often from home and on a shoestring. I can't imagine more incontrovertible evidence that women are quitters."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging this article, which generated over 50 comments from readers - mostly in favor, but some of them loving the article while missing the satire entirely. Scary. Some people said that the sentiment was okay but that I shouldn't be satirical because satire is bitchy. Men might not like it. Tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Liz -- You are most welcome. I thought the article was right on target and that's why I featured it on Escape From Corporate America. Good satire is the sign of high intellect not maliciousness. .

Keep up your important work. Thanks for your comment.

~ Laurel