Sunday, April 17, 2005

Women Are Opting Out Of Business?

In Fast Company (May)

I just received my FC issue and re-read the article "25 Top Women Business Builders." I had read it first while attending the Women Presidents' Organization (WPO) annual conference in Toronto last week where FC gave out complimentary pre-sale copies to everyone who attended the conference. As an added treat, many WPO members (for example, Taryn Rose) were featured in the article so it was a nice tie-in to the event.

Here's an interesting clip from it:

"You know the party line about women today: They're "opting out" of business, fleeing the confines of the corporation in droves, unwilling (or unable?) to make it in the big leagues. But if all these smart, ambitious, experienced women are leaving, we wondered, where are they going?"

The author of the article goes on to say:

"We think women, and their accomplishments, will inspire you: Each one's story offers lessons -- whether it's how to spot a marketable idea, how to distinguish yourself from the competition, how to hire and train the right people, or how to put customers front and center."

Here's the clincher:

"They haven't really left corporate America behind. They're just building their own version."

What's your take?

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