Friday, May 06, 2005

Liberty is important to women worldwide

In The Financial Express (India)

Interesting perspective on how women in India view American business women. Here's a clip from the article that talks about why American women are leaving corporate jobs:

• And, if many companies have found that women are leaving their jobs, for what many considered 'family priorities,' then the true reason that emerges is that they got bored and frustrated with the work allotted to them. That their jobs were not challenging enough.

Check this out too:

• Consider Zara Larsen, 48, who had four major assignments in 10 years at United Technologies. Last year, feeling that her career had reached a plateau, she quit her job to pursue a doctoral degree in management. "I was no longer getting the intellectual stimulation I needed," she said.

An "irresistible" offer from Raytheon Missile Systems wooed her back to the corporate world: Take time to pursue your degree, the company said, but also be our director of enterprise effectiveness, responsible for shrinking costs, speeding up processes and otherwise changing the culture."

Here's my question: Is Zara happy and satisfied she went back into corporate America or would she have been better off doing her own thing after she finished her doctorate? Only Zara can answer that.

If you are interested in reading the full length article, visit:
But, they say it's 'boring'.

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