Tuesday, June 28, 2005

An Accidental Dream Job

In the Star (Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia)

Vincent Tam seemed to have it all. An Australian accounting degree, work experience in the United Kingdom, and within a few years of his (yes -- we are featuring a male entrepreneur who can teach us a lesson or two on following bliss in life and he even takes the time to share his favorite poem with us!) return to Malaysia, he was made branch manager of a prominent bank. And then he left all of that (Escape From Corporate Malaysia!) five years ago to become . . . a yoga teacher! 

“Breathe out . . . relax your shoulders . . . bend forward towards your toes . . .”  

As the writer of the article followed his class, soothingly orchestrated by Tam’s sonorous voice amidst serene background music, it seemed like he had found his true calling in life. 

Yet, he got into it almost by accident.

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