Monday, November 21, 2005

What Motivates Women Entrepreneurs?

In icWales

Whether you are running a business in Wales or Wilmette, Illinois, women are motivated by a desire for independence, freedom and self-fulfilment, research shows.

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Tino said...

I'm a guy and I'd like to say, this applies to me too: I am motivated by independence, freedom and self-fulfilment. You have a great blog. Women entrepreneurs are great but a lot of this applies to men too!

Laurel Delaney said...

Hi, Tino ~ Thanks for weighing in with your two cents. I am sure both men and women alike feel the same about what motivates them to escape from corporate America. But my focus here has been on women because I am a woman entrepreneur and it all started with the article I wrote for the Conference Board in 2003 (refer to right side panel for article). So as you continue to track and enjoy our blog, just remember that deep down inside, I agree with you! Happy holidays to you and yours. All the best, Laurel