Friday, September 15, 2006

Glass Ceiling Is Due To Intelligence, Not Discrimination?

You have got to read this to believe it! Here's the lead:

A recent study proves it is "very likely" that the reason women have difficulty rising to the top in their careers is because they are less intelligent than men (by 4 -- 3.63 to be exact -- IQ points), according to controversial University of Western Ontario psychologist J. Philippe Rushton.

To fully understand and appreciate the source of the material, read on:

The professor -- criticized for claiming whites are intellectually superior to blacks, and that higher AIDS rates in Africa are due to a more insatiable sexual appetite in the black community -- believes the "glass ceiling" phenomenon is probably due to innate ability rather than discrimination.

Read more here: Men smarter than women, prof claims and Sex differences in general mental ability.

By the way, when I watched Professor Rushton on CNBC moments ago, he was sweating terribly on his upper lip.

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