Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Women Make Their Mark Through Entrepreneurship ...

... but what about the women who don't start businesses or become entrepreneurs? Could a tattoo, symbolic of one's defiance, be a stepping stone to eventually starting a business? Who knows but here's what the article says:

"She (a woman who is an executive headhunter and obviously has not escaped from corporate America) chose to get her tattoo in the small of her back for its sexiness and the feeling she was getting herself back. Meister says she and some colleagues recently compared notes and exchanged tattoo stories in the company lunchroom – revealing that even in her corporate setting, she is not the only mom at work with a tattoo."

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Separately and from the book "Women Who Changed The World:"

Chapter 3

If you weigh well the strength of the armies, and the causes of the war, you will see that in this battle you must conquer or die. This is a woman's resolve; as for men, they may live and be slaves. ~ Boudicca

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