Thursday, May 31, 2007

Women Do Things

Female entrepreneurs are far less likely than their male counterparts to seek angel financing even though the percentage of women owned businesses securing funding is not that much lower than the success rate of businesses owned by men, new research shows.
That's because women entrepreneurs are far too busy doing things versus seeking things. Why else have we been able to achieve the status of the fastest-growing sector of all businesses? You tell me!


Anonymous said...


In my working with women entrepeneurs (in addition to BEING one), I have seen a number of factors that I think contribute to this that I blogged about on my website:

1. Women don't like to ask for help or don't know where to go for it.
2. They want to control their destiny and resist outside assitance that might disrupt that.
3. Many don't think BIG enough.

I'm working, as I know you are, to change 1 and 3...

Laurel Delaney said...

Hi, Julie,

Thanks for weighing in ... congratulations on your book and hope it's selling briskly.

All the best,