Friday, June 22, 2007

Millionaire Moms

Are there really secrets to becoming a millionaire mom (woman entrepreneur) or is it just a case of persevering in the face of obstacles?
First, I identified a number of key business concepts that I believe are important and which, based on my frequent communication with women entrepreneurs, present the greatest challenges. Next, I identified 17 extraordinary women who, based on their own success and experience, could help explain these core concepts and offer inspiration.

They are some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our day, with businesses ranging from retail to manufacturing and public relations. These are not women who have ascended the corporate ladder to reach the CEO level (a significant but very different kind of achievement). Rather, each of them had an idea that they developed -- some quite literally from their kitchen tables -- and grew into multimillion dollar companies.
Author Tamara Monosoff, a wonderful colleague of mine, has a new book out. Find out more here.

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