Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Work Life Balance

I am so tired of issues pertaining to work life balance for women at the top of the ladder. Have you ever seen an article, "What It's Like for Men At the Top of the Ladder? Is work-family balance possible?"

Why can't we focus on just getting things done? Isn't that what entrepreneurship is all about?


Anonymous said...


Well said.

Whether you are in a corporate career or running your own business, whether you are male or female, to reach your full potential, you must get things done whatever it takes - period.

Whilst I am not a woman myself, I must say that I don't blame you for feeling frustrated about the media potrayal of successful businesswomen and work-life balance.

The idea that the media potrays about work-life balance seems to assume that being more successful at your business or job means necessarily being less successful or less devoted to family and other responsibilities - particularly for women.

I believe that this is wrong. Woman or man, you cannot reach your full potential, be it in a business or professional job, without doing whatever it takes - period. And you must also be fully devoted to your family and other responsibilities.

I believe you must do both fully, not one or the other.



Anonymous said...

Totally agree Andrew. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.