Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time To Go Independent

Oppenheimer & Co. banking analyst Meredith Whitney (pictured above) -- known as the woman who moves markets -- is leaving to start her own business.

Now the question I have to ask is this: Did she leave because of a financial meltdown -- in spite of it -- or, neither?

Quote from Meredith:

"I don't want to work for anyone else anymore, and I want to broaden what I do."

Other interesting parts to the article, "Meredith Whitney: A league of her own," published in Fortune's CNN Money.com:
The firm that bears her name will be grounded in her research (her "true passion"). But it won't be just about issuing notes to clients. She eventually intends to advise companies as well. And in March, she will be on a steering committee to advise the G20 on how to respond to the credit crisis.

As head of her new firm, Whitney, who currently hosts gatherings in her home where professional women can swap ideas and hear thought leaders, plans to host a "salon series" in her offices with writers, government officials, regulators, and business luminaries. It could be a big value-add for clients who want access to bold-face names and original ideas.
Based on her good looks and obvious talent, I vote she takes her business immediately to television. Check out her new firm: Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC.

And let's applaud Meredith for having the courage get going with her own business!

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