Tuesday, March 03, 2009

To Get More Out of Life, Sometimes You Have To Walk Away

For Alison Greenberg who was 12 years into a successful career with a leading New Jersey law firm when starting out on her own, it was a small price to pay.
“I walked away from a lot,” she says. “I was a partner. I had a good salary and opportunities for bonuses, but I wanted to be more of a community-based lawyer and to reinvent the practice of law for myself. I also lived in Manhattan so I wanted to work where I live and get more involved with community issues and politics.”
She started her own business litigation and employment law practice in New York six months ago and hasn’t looked back since.
“I had two clients when I left and there was a lot of initial uncertainty of where the business was going to come from,” she says. “But I was always weighing the pros and cons of being part of a large firm and felt that to be true to myself and be able to represent more individuals and small business owners it would be better to go out on my own. It’s different now, and I’m living on a different budget but it’s very rewarding.
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