Thursday, June 25, 2009

May I give you a HINT?

Good pitch by a PR representative:
In a time when it seems like all we hear about are small businesses failing, there are a few out there that seem to find the right combination of business smarts and determination to create a successful business.

I would like to offer you founder of HINT Essence Water (, Kara Goldin, a mompreneur (of four!) who found success in an industry she did not have experience in.

As a former AOL exec, Kara has an extraordinary track record of business success, transforming concepts into reality. As VP of Shopping and E-commerce, Kara grew AOL’s shopping business from startup to more than $1 billion in revenue in less than seven years.

While drinking a glass of water with a slice of lime, Kara was surprised to see that instead of a bottle of juice, her daughter wanted to drink what Kara had in her hand -- simple, no calories and no junk -- just ice cold refreshing water with a HINT of lime flavor. Thus, the concept for HINT was born.

Now HINT, which started as a small start up is a multi-million dollar international success with distribution in Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and
What a story and right in line with this blog about how women escape successfully from Corporate America into entrepreneurship. Kara made the leap just fine. Congratulations!

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