Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Different Spokes for Different Folks: Women

A very special ladies bike shop opens in New York. Graphic designer Julie Hirschfeld had a simple idea for Adeline Adeline: "No spandex!" In other words, no Lycra bike shorts just because you are on two wheels!

A little about Julie:
Adeline Adeline founder, Julie Hirschfeld started her career far away from bikes, first as a graphic designer for the television channel, VH1, and then as partner in the New York design firm, Stiletto NYC, where she worked on fashion branding and motion graphics projects with such diverse clients as New York Magazine, Conde Nast, MTV and Nike.
The store sells bikes (e.g., the Poppy shown above can be found in their Tribeca store) and other beautiful things such as polka-dot helmets and an oversize organic linen bag from Japan that crosses over the chest for easy riding.

Where did the name come from? Why Ms. Hirschfeld's grandmothers, of course, who had the same name.

Mosey on over at, 147 Reade Street (between Greenwich & Hudson Street), New York, NY, 10001, 212-227-1150.

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