Friday, May 07, 2010

Something You Already Know: In Corporate America, Women Have a Tough Path to the Top

I can't believe I've been sitting on this since January -- goes to show you how buried I am in work (productive work)!

A study shows a large gap in perceptions among the sexes in who has more opportunities for advancement -- men or women?

Do we care?

I mean ... isn't that part of why we started a business in the first place -- to escape from these ridiculous perceptions (realities!) in the workplace?

Gosh ... I bet this is something that bores you to tears (or -- if you are living and breathing it in Corporate America -- frustrates the daylights out of you):
In reality, women represent a much smaller portion of leadership roles in business.
When you run your own show, you are the leader in business. Am I missing something?

Read the entire article: "Study Asks: Who Has an Easier Way to the Top?"

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