Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs

Check out these gutsy women entrepreneur innovators on what it took to put them in the driver's seat to success.

Tips From Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs

Some great pearls of wisdom:

“You don’t stop moving because things are slow, and if they’re not slow, you create some down time to prepare your playing field.”

“Key in going out on my own was doing it for the right reasons. Being angry or disgusted at something is not reason to make a change,” she said. Being an entrepreneur “is about the love of something, not hate.”

“Take a risk early on because there are a lot of opportunities to learn—even if you fail initially,” Peitler said. “Failure isn’t the end game, but another learning opportunity."

“Failing actually goes with entrepreneurship; most, if not all entrepreneurs, have gone out of business and retooled and reinvested. Failing is only failure if you stop trying.”

“Share what you’ve learned with the people around you,” she said. Some Krupp wisdom: “Follow your instincts and your gut.

“Parlay. Parlay. Parlay. Never miss an opportunity; ‘no’ is not an answer.”

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