Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You Jam'n With Blue Chair Fruit?

Oakland, California-based Blue Chair Fruit Company is an artisanal jam and marmalade company which has redefined preserving through its distinctive brand of modern nostalgia and their exacting approach to fruit and flavors.

Founded by Rachel Saunders (pictured) in February 2008, Blue Chair Fruit is the product of nearly ten years of intensive research on fruit and fruit preserving techniques.

Her company claims:
In all aspects of our company, from the contents of each jar to packaging to our online presence to the definitive Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, Blue Chair Fruit emphasizes a modern spin on this traditional art.
If you're not jam'n with and buying products from Blue Chair Fruit, you ought to be.  All products are made by hand.

Give them a look and a try:  Blue Chair FruitAnd our kudos to Rachel for finally striking out on her own!

Photo credit here (Kat Brett)

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