Friday, July 22, 2011

Older Women Becoming Entrepreneurs

If you are thinking about starting a business, is your age a consideration?  I hope not.  For more women -- young and old(er) -- are starting businesses at record rates.  According to Barclays (UK), older entrepreneurs are responsible for 50 percent more start-ups than they were ten years ago and account for 15 percent of all new businesses (in England and Wales).  I am sure the United States has an even higher rate of women starting businesses at a later age.

The article below highlights Professor Diana Anderson (pictured) who set up her first business, OncaScan, with the notion of marketing her new invention, a blood test that predicts an individual's genetic predisposition to cancer.  No small time goal.  She says:
"I'm not proud to have started my first business so late in life for the simple reason that my age never occurs to me," she says. "Until I am no longer able to contribute, I only think of staying at the coalface of my profession. My future plans are to make my business a success, win more grants for my university and guide more of my students towards their PhDs."
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Does this article speak to you?

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