Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Tale of the Unromantic Business Plan

Once upon a time, there was an unromantic business plan that included 12 pages of cash flow analysis.  Twelve months later, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Forty Winks, a lingerie boutique (as shown above) was born.
Forty Winks carries a range of sizes and styles, starting at 30A specialty bras and ending at an H cup size. “Sizes can go as high as M, but that’s not our customer,’’ said co-owner Rachel Wentworth.
Find out how Rachel and her business partner (co-owner) Meredith Donaldson create stories to sell their intimate wear and also offer a wide range of sizes and shapes - not to mention the heavy duty therapy that is required to satisfy the demands of their selective customers.

A serious plan to make a go of lingerie sales

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