Monday, May 14, 2012

Live Life On Your Own Terms: Start a Business

Many women start a business because they want to develop their own schedules, on their own terms. 
Starting a business explicitly to raise children sounds like one too many projects, but a growing number of women make it work. Being behind the steering wheel of their own ventures allows women to take detours (to the school play, doctors and grandmas). In fact, integrating work and family is one of the top reasons why women start businesses, according to research. 
Learn more about the realities of starting a business while starting a family here.

Illustration credit:  Becky's Pet Care Inc. (as noted in article)

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Career Confidential said...

I think this is a great idea for woment! I am a member of forum that specializes in redundancy and you won't believe the number of new members there everyday. They say jobs are scarce these days but some people also believe that there's a hidden jobs market out there and we should just know how to look. Hope the economy gets better soon for all of us.