Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stop Being a Slave to the Corporate World

Jackie Greene started selling as a hobby on eBay in 1999, selling items her children had outgrown. Her business, The Steinsburg Store, now focuses on collectibles and children’s items, and her profits have grown to cover her family’s monthly expenses.

I've heard that Jackie often mentors other sellers new to eBay and is an eBay Top Rated Seller who takes pride in her excellent customer service.

Jackie has managed to turn her eBay business into a source of income for her family.  You can too.  Anyone can start a part-time business for supplemental income that can eventually turn into a full-time occupation that allows you to live more of your life rather than being a slave to the corporate world.

Pay a visit to her store here.  You'll get plenty of ideas on how to succeed.  Plus, you might find an item or two you didn't know you wanted.

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