Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sometimes Life Is Full of Surprises

Alecia McClung, CEO, ARO
Chicago CEO Alecia McClung (pictured) has gone from serious health issues to successful woman business owner.  She runs Administrative Resource Options (ARO), a one-stop shop for outsourcing office management and services.

As Alecia says, "Sometimes life is full of surprises."  
Womenetics: When and why did you start your business? How did you recognize that there was an opportunity to outsource your services to companies in the Chicago area?

Alecia McClung: We primarily started outsourcing in mailroom and print centers. I started the infrastructure in 1990, about 22 years ago. We started out in the legal market and expanded into hospitals, schools, manufacturing, and now we’re pretty much in every market. 
Read Alecia's inspiring story and interview here.

Photo courtesy:  ARO

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