Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad Girl Entrepreneurs?

Is there such a thing as bad girl entrepreneurs?  There is Cincinnati-based nonprofit Bad Girls Ventures (BGV) -- that's close enough! -- and they recently graduated its first group of women entrepreneurs for 2013 with award loans to two local companies.
Project Blue Collar was the big winner, receiving a $25,000 loan (sponsored by Meshewa Farm Foundation) from Bad Girl Ventures, or BGV. The runner up was SuZu Designs, which got a loan for $10,000.
The two companies were among 35 woman-owned start-ups who were in the BGV program.

Congratulations to Project Blue Collar, SuZu Designs and all the other participants in the program!

There's more - so stop in here.

Photo courtesy:  Project Blue Collar ("buy a collar, save a dog!" -- as shown above)

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