Sunday, January 05, 2014

Lady Tradies In Pursuit of Their Dreams

Carpentry apprentice Juliette Liddle says that building houses suits her much better than fluffing pillows.
She is part of a minority of women who are infiltrating male-dominated trades in pursuit of their dreams. Since 2010, the state government has injected more than $300,000 into programs to overcome some of the biggest stumbling blocks to female participation. And it is working.
Read the entire article:  Female trades follow their dreams in a man's world

For more information, visit:   APlus Apprentice and Trainee Services (its mission is to see 40 female students in years 10 to 12 placed in non-female traditional trades over the next year as part of a Victorian government push for women to take up trade apprenticeships).

Why should the men have all the fun in jobs?

Photo courtesy:  University of Salford Press

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