Saturday, March 15, 2014

Know Your Cause

Screenshot courtesy of:  Rebel Nell
Many entrepreneurs start a business to fulfill a need.  Amy Peterson and Diana Russell took a different course of action. Russell works in fashion and photography and Peterson is an attorney who learned how to make jewelry while in law school. The cool thing about Peterson?
She also happens to be the creative brain behind one of the "must have" items during the 2005 Academy Awards Ceremony: a pin worn by cast and crew in the film Hotel Rwanda. Peterson eventually moved to Detroit in 2007 for her law career.
Peterson and Russell, co-founders of "defiant" jewelry company Rebel Nell, knew their cause — help impoverished women in Detroit — before they knew what their business was going to be.

Morale of story?  Love what you do and try to help others in your journey.

Find out what's going on with Rebel Nell and learn more about their cause:  The Creative Way Two Entrepreneurs Are Using Graffiti to Hep Women in Detroit

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