Sunday, April 13, 2014

Envision Becoming An Entrepreneur in High School

June Gathoni
I think you can become an entrepreneur in grade school (lemonade stand experience get the entrepreneurial 'juices' flowing) but in this case, June Gathoni, knew right from the time she was in high school she envisioned becoming an entrepreneur.  She started her own company, Next Generation Technology, an ICT firm.
She had practically no money when she started out and relied on getting goods on credit then using the money from her clients to pay her creditors.
Later, she closed her ICT business and started the Small and Medium Entrepreneurial Resource Centre, which is involved in entrepreneurship development and promotion.  The centre offers advice to entrepreneurs about business opportunities. It also offer services such as business plan writing, systems management, marketing campaigns, brand management, public relations and consultancy, all at a fee.

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