Sunday, June 01, 2014

Do Female Executives Drive Start-up Success?

The study below focuses on the state of women (2012) in U.S. venture- backed companies and how women in leadership roles affect the success of a start-up. Though the study is two years old, it is still relevant and interesting. To accomplish its findings, the team of authors reviewed more than 15 years of venture-backed company data and executive information in the VentureSource database.

The key question addressed:  Does having a higher proportion of female executives at a venture-backed start-up improve the company's chances for success?

Study authors:
  • Jessica Canning, Global Research Director (formerly), Dow Jones VentureSource
  • Maryam Haque, Senior Research Analyst, Dow Jones VentureSource
  • Yimeng Wang, Research Assistant, Dow Jones VentureSource
Read the study:  Women at the Wheel, Do Female Executives Drive Start-up Success?

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