Saturday, June 03, 2017

How to Pedal Through Every Stage of Entrepreneurial Growth

Founder and owner of South Carolina-based Pedal Chic (photo credit:  Pedal Chic), Robin Bylenga, opened her women’s cycling and athletic boutique in 2010.  She worked for a bike shop to get experience first and understand customers. She invested $500 for a small amount of inventory of women’s biking apparel and generated $1,500 in sales at an area bike race.
“I’ve had to push [pedal] through at every stage, and there have been setbacks, but the demand is there and growing,” says Bylenga, whose shop is profitable today.
But there is more to starting a business and becoming successful. Oftentimes it takes finding mentors and advisers who can share their experiences with you to grow a business more efficiently and faster.

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