Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Wanted You to be the First To Know: I Am Launching an E-Commerce Site

Like you, I've been contemplating whether to start a new business, this one e-commerce.  I hosted an amazing Global Small Business Forum in Chicago in October and the theme was e-commerce.  I was so inspired by the stories business owners shared about running successful e-commerce businesses that I decided to start one myself.

So, again like you, I must take it one step at a time, minimize risks and only focus on upside potential.  First, I had to come up with a name that makes sense for what I am about to do, and second, I had to reserve a domain name.  I've done both today (11/18/17).

I figure if Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff can do it.  So can I!

I'll keep you posted on developments because I want you to be the first to see the site when it's all done.  Wish me luck!

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