Saturday, April 28, 2018

Your Best Coach is the One Who Cares Enough to Give You Feedback

How does one start a business called Project Gravitas?  Easy.
When Lisa Sun (pictured) was just 22 years old and starting out in her career, her boss at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company told her that she lacked gravitas. “When I asked her how to get confidence, she said, ‘go get a new dress, big jewelry and great shoes,’” Sun said. So, Sun went out to purchase a new outfit and embraced the larger message.
"Feedback is a gift; your best coach is the one who cares enough to tell you,” says Ms. Sun.

Read more bout Lisa's new company and discover her best tips -- as shown below -- for putting the best foot forward when traveling for business.
  • Never pack a bag
  • Leave a pair of sneakers and workout clothes in another city
  • Double up
  • Stay organized
  • Plan one thing fun for yourself on each trip

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