Saturday, September 26, 2020

Calling All Female Entrepreneur Road Warriors

Let's face it.  With the global pandemic causing us to still be sequestered at home, many of us are eager to become digital traveling nomadic entrepreneurs – taking our business wherever we please provided we are servicing our customers beyond expectations.

If you have been thinking along these lines, this handy little app might help you.  The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently launched TripTik tool quiver (, with all of the Covid-related data a female entrepreneur road warrior could need or want.  Four things it does, among many others:

  1. Features to show roadway checkpoints
  2. Shows border closings with Canada and Mexico
  3. Lists travel restrictions at the city, county or state level
  4. Highlights confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the state/province and/or county level

Female entrepreneur road warriors can count on having the freshest information at their disposal.  Check it out.

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