Saturday, April 17, 2021


With the passing of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth honored him in the following manner at his funeral today, April 17, 2021:

In a loving gesture to her husband of 73 years, the Queen placed a handwritten note on top of the Duke of Edinburgh's coffin throughout his funeral services on Saturday [April 17, 2021]. The monarch signed the note with the nickname "Lilibet" — a nickname she was given as a child. 

Philip is thought to be the last person who called by her childhood moniker. 

Queen Elizabeth may have lost her husband but she has gained additional love and support from people all over the world for her leadership, courage and strength.  She will never be alone.

We salute and honor "Lilibet" with the duty and public service she has shown her country and the world.   May the Duke of Edinburgh rest in peace.  May "Lilibet" carry on.

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