Saturday, February 26, 2022

Ensuring Productivity Is the Key to Going Forward

Theo Paphitis, Chairman at Theo Paphitis Retail Group and Dragon from BBC's Dragons' Den, writes "Things I have Learnt in 2020," and little did he know at the time that the worst was not over yet on the global pandemic.  Still, his insights apply even more to our current times.  Paphitis emphasizes that ensuring productivity is the key to going forward – no matter where anyone is located or how the work gets done.

Another futuristic thought leader is Michelle Hayward, founder and CEO, Bluedog. In her article, "Let's not go back!," she talks about how now is the time for people to propel themselves into futures they've been too tired and stressed to imagine.  "Let's hold space for the possibility of a new future by limiting language that speaks to the prospect of reliving the past," she says.

Two entirely different thought leaders from different parts of the world yet they meet at the same point:  We can't go back and we must create a new future.

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