Saturday, September 10, 2022

Knowledge, Networks and Access: Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

Have you ever had this happen and reacted similarly?

“When they called to tell me about my acceptance, the first thing I said was ‘I think you have the wrong person,’” she [Cathy Perugachi, co-founder of e-commerce business, Quipu Pallay] recounts. 

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs alumna Cathy Perugachi is an Ecuadorian fashionista who is helping women redefine their self-image from the inside out.

Perugachi says that participating in a U.S. Embassy-led initiative like AWE is prestigious thanks to its proximity to the U.S. business community. "It is not just any type of network, it gives you a golden pass to boost not only your business but also your professional growth,” she says. “It gives you a sense of name recognition and legitimacy.” 

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), a program of the U.S. Department of State, gives women the knowledge, networks, and access they need to launch and scale successful businesses.

Learn more at:  A Bridge Between: Creating Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

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