Saturday, August 12, 2023

Never Satisfied Working For Someone Else

Chandell Stone, founder of Chany Ventures, came to Mexico's capital from New York City, and had a plan to center her business on women, especially women from marginalized groups who have less access to opportunities to start a business.

Stone has one of those personalities that is never satisfied working for someone else. Already experienced in securing venture capital, it seemed natural to start a business to help others do the same — hence Chany Ventures.  

The most important service that Chany Ventures provides is to support the kind of women who themselves would doubt their own ability to start a business. Often she finds it best not even to push the goal of attracting venture capital, rather use the term “medium-sized business.” At least until such women get more confident, she says. 

Learn more about Stone's goal of growing Chany Ventures throughout Mexico – Mexico City (as shown), Guadalajara, Monterrey and online. 

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