Saturday, February 10, 2024

Unprecedented Opportunities Await the Bold in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon, or to be more precise, the Year of the Wood Dragon.  

Wood represents vitality and creativity, while the dragon is related to success, intelligence and honor in Chinese culture.

This combination makes people born in the Year of the Wood Dragon full of energy and drive. They dream of changing the world and are good at coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them. They are perfectionists and will not give up on their goals easily.

The Year of the Wood Dragon is believed to be able to foster growth, progress and abundance, and this year will be good to build a solid foundation for something new with long-term potential. The last Year of the Wood Dragon was 60 years ago, in 1964, the year the Beatles took the world by storm!

Are you a dragon?  If so or even if you aren't, this will be a year for unprecedented opportunities for those who are bold, driven, creative, and full of energy.  Play off the strong vibes.  Go after what you want.

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